Unlike most schools that have students as the instructors, all classes at our Dojang are personally taught by Korean Master Kim. Learn the most popular sport/martial art for FREE.

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applauseCongratulations to all of the students who completed and passed your testing this past Friday. If you have pictures or video of the occasion, please advise Master Kim. We would love to show them to everyone. 

Icon DD1 100Attention students:
A new advanced class is now being offered.


Dynamic Defense is a combination of various martial arts styles (TaeKwoDo, Hapkido, ShorinJi Kempo, Taiji Chin Na, and a few others). Hand and kicking combinations is taught, as well as control techniques - all with an emphasis on defense.


Class times have moved to Monday evenings at 7:05pm.
It is for students who are Orange Belt and up.


If interested, contact Master Kim or Master Foster for more information.

Or click HERE to receive more information.


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